Instructions after opening the khconf zip file:

After the file is finished unzipping, drag and drop it onto your desktop for quick access.

Then simply run it. If your firewall asks you if you want to either block or unblock the program, choose unblock(allow to run).

Then set it up by typing in your Display Name(your name).

"Your caller ID number" (Last 4 digits of Phone number).

Under where it says, "KHCONF Access Number", is where the number to the Kingdom Hall Conference  number and/or KH Phone number goes:      

(Example:(#####) or (###)###-####)

Type in your listen "Pin" number, and then click save.

Click the back button. Then Click on the number of listeners, and on "Call"       

BlueStacks (Android emulator for Windows PC)

Click on link below to download an emulator to install, so that you can run Android apps on your Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system. This program can be very handy to use JW Library and/or Epub reader apps  while listening to meeting on KHConf Listener.